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Specializing in golf course and sport field construction and renovation, Vergeer Golf Inc. was founded by Andrew and Derrick Vergeer in 2004. With over 30 years combined experience in the golf industry, Derrick and Andy built the company based on trust, value and perfection.

As avid golfers, with a keen eye for detail, Andy and Derrick both know what to look for and expect when a customer comes with a vision to build their own product, or renovate to improve their current situation.

As owners and employees, we strive for excellence because our names and future reputations rely on it. Our philosophy is to maintain a small business relationship with our clients, which in turn allows us to have the ability to keep overhead costs down and pass our savings on to our customers. Attention to detail and customer satisfaction is paramount, which is why we ensure ownership is involved in daily on site operations.


Since Derrick's introduction to golf course construction he has experienced all aspects of the industry and has now found his niche in feature shaping and management. He has worked with well known companies which have been a part of various construction projects all over North America, and held a leading position in constructing one of London's premier public golf clubs in 2003.


Andrew began his career in the golf industry with a brief period in golf course construction. He then moved to the maintenance side where he served as a superintendent for over 5 years in the London area. This has allowed him to become very familiar and aware of what a golf club would be looking for from a maintenance side, as well as what may give the club an advantage over it's competitors.